Cydia Download for iOS 9.3.5 & 9.3.4 with Untethered iOS Jailbreak!

Apple recently released iOS 9.3.5 for all the iOS users. This was an unexpected iOS update from apple for all the iOS users. As iOS 9.3.4 was biggest update all the iOS users had. Apple named this iOS 9.3.5 as a security update in their official website. This is a excitement for all the iOS users because all the iOS users are waiting for the iOS 10 update. The problem is apple tightening the Cydia download and Jailbreak abilities with the updates they are releasing. In this article we are going to discuss the possibilities of Cydia download for iOS 9.3.5 devices and also Cydia 9.3.5 status.

Cydia 9.3.5 download

Who got iOS 9.3.5 update?

iOS 9.3.5 update was released on 25th of August to the public by the Apple. iOS 9.3.5 is designed for all the iPhones later iPhone 4s, all the iPads later iPad 2 and iPod Touch 5 and later devices. All the iOS users are prompted automatically to update to iOS 9.3.5 in their iOS device. If you didn’t got the iOS 9.3.5 update you manually update to iOS 9.3.5 by navigating to “Settings > General > Software update”. This a very small update size about 20Mb to 50Mb, this depends according to your device.

iOS 9.3.5 cydia update

Cydia Download for iOS 9.3.5

Cydia is the alternative app store for the official app store present in all the iOS devices. Cydia became more popular it has many amazing apps than the official app store. With the Cydia tweaks present in Cydia iOS users can customize their device like never before. And also it can add latest iOS features that are not available for some devices. So everyone is willing to install cydia on their devices.

Actually there is no any direct way to Cydia download for the iPhone, iPad and iPad Touch. There is a little process for Cydia download. It is the jailbreaking process that we all know. But if you search for cydia installers in the internet you will find tons of fake tools. Beware of such fake tools because Cydia installers cannot be present. Cydia creator Saurik also recommend TaiG Jailbreak and Pangu Jailbreak for the Cydia download process.  So to download Cydia first we need jailbreak our device. It is the real genuine process of Cydia downloading.

Current Cydia Download Status

TaiG and Pangu are most famous and leading Jailbreak teams in Jailbreak community. So the Cydia download status depends on the Jailbreak status of these two teams. The latest iOS version that can be jailbroken is iOS 9.3.3. With TaiG team we can jailbreak upto iOS 8.4. So the currently we have only Cydia for iOS 9.3.3. Still we don’t have Cydia for iOS 9.3.5 and also for iOS 9.3.4. So if you find something called Cydia 9.3.5 they are fake tools. We recommend you to beware of those Cydia 9.3.5 and Cydia 9.3.4 fake tools. If any official team is able to Cydia download for iOS 9.3.5 and 9.3.4 devices we are updating on our site as soon they released Cydia 9.3.5. So keep in touch with us!

Cydia for iOS 9.3.4 download with Pangu iOS 9.3.4 jailbreak status update!

iOS 9.3.4 is the latest stable release of Apple’s mobile operating system. After Pangu released their jailbreaking tool for iOS 9.3.3, Apple responded by this new update which deliberately prevents Pangu jailbreak from working. Meanwhile, though we know that Cydia works perfectly for iOS 9.3.3, does the alternate app store works in iOS 9.3.4 too? That’s the topic and current cydia iOS 9.3.4 status we are going to discuss in this article.

cydia for ios 9.3.4

What is Cydia?

Those who don’t yet have a clear idea about what Cydia is, here is a short description of Cydia. Cydia is an alternate app store which is quite similar to the official App store of Apple. But while the official app store has many restrictions over app selection, no such barrier exists for Cydia. Hence, many advanced and powerful apps can be found in Cydia. Apple often refuses to include these apps in its store because they never want the users to be able to customize iOS on an advanced level.

It is not easy to have Cydia installed on your iPhone. Because obviously, it is not an official app and can’t be installed in any direct way. To install Cydia on your Apple device, you need to remove the default restrictions. The process to do this is called Jailbreaking. So, for example, if you want to have Cydia for iOS 9.3.4, you need to jailbreak iOS 9.3.4.

Jailbreaking is a difficult process. But thanks to many jailbreaking groups, many free jailbreaking tools exist. These tools will complete the entire jailbreaking process for you. You just need to install the tool and run it. All popular jailbreaking teams like Pangu, TaiG etc also include a Cydia installer in their tools. That means once you jailbreak your device, Cydia will be automatically installed in it.

So now it is clear that if one can jailbreak iOS 9.3.4 using a public jailbreaking tool like Pangu, Cydia for iOS 9.3.4 will automatically get installed. But does a jailbreaking tool for iOS 9.3.4 exist?

Jailbreaking and installing Cydia for iOS 9.3.4

The tricky part of jailbreaking is that one tool doesn’t work for all versions of iOS. That means a tool that can jailbreak one version of iOS, might be unable to jailbreak another version of iOS. Thus, when a new iOS version is released, a new jailbreaking tool supporting that version must be released too. Otherwise, that iOS version can’t be jailbroken.

cydia 9.3.4

Though Pangu can jailbreak iOS 9.3.3; currently there is no jailbreaking tool that can jailbreak iOS 9.3.4. And for that reason, Cydia for iOS 9.3.4 doesn’t exist. You can’t install Cydia in iOS 9.3.4. It’s just not possible.

How to Download Cydia for iOS 9.3.4?

Actually there is no way to download cydia for iOS 9.3.4 devices. But don’t worry still now iOS 9.3.3 is jailbreakable. So if you are updated to iOS 9.3.4 you can downgrade to iOS 9.3.3 through iTunes and install cydia. Because still apple is signing iOS 9.3.3. So if you want install cydia on your iOS 9.3.4 device first downgrade it to iOS 9.3.4 and follow the cydia iOS 9.3.3 installation guide.

Future of Cydia 9.3.4

When will Cydia for iOS 9.3.4 be available? Well, no one knows. Apple is making jailbreaking very difficult nowadays. With each new version, they continuously update their OS to block jailbreaking tools. Though jailbreaking teams work hard to bring out new jailbreaking tools for each version, the process is getting harder and harder. As iOS 10 will be released very soon, we think the jailbreaking community will focus their strength on jailbreaking that new version rather than iOS 9.3.4. So the possibility of Cydia for iOS 9.3.4 being released is quite low indeed.